Borderlands 3

Fans had been waiting seven long years for the latest addition of Borderlands. The hype couldn’t have been higher. 2K Games tasked us with sustaining that hype beyond launch – and beyond traditional means.
2K Games
3 Weeks


Our team came aboard just three short weeks ahead of one of the most highly anticipated releases of 2019. Time was of the essence. There wasn’t enough of it to coordinate and execute an effective paid campaign. We needed to make magic by going organic.


After so many years of waiting, the excitement for Borderlands 3 was palpable. Everyone wanted first dibs. But even with so much hype and anticipation, choosing the right creators to amplify it and keep it going was essential.

Our organic targeting process was the secret sauce that made it happen. We set up campaigns that allowed anyone to apply for a key that would give them a taste of Borderlands 3. We vetted each application and carefully selected the best of the best to help us get the word out.

In the end, our early access activation and launch key campaign activated 535 hand-picked influencers, resulting in 11,524 total hours streamed and more than 173 million minutes watched. It was a 9,000% return on investment that was borderline legendary.

Metrics that Matter

  • 9,000% Return on Investment
  • 85,729,450 Total Minutes Watched
  • 7,943 Total Hours Streamed
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