Meet the team that makes it happen.

We’re a talented, passionate group that loves what we do – helping brands build influence with creators and fanbases in the gaming community.

Our Team

When you’re lucky enough to do what you love, we believe in giving it your absolute best. Each of us brings unique skills and perspectives to the table, and we’re committed to doing so with the utmost level of professionalism and integrity. 

George DePree

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Cory Niblett

Partner & Chief Operating Officer

Colin Fisher

Chief Marketing Officer

Alex Owen

General Counsel

Max Richter

Chief Technology Officer

Jordi Chapdelaine

chief revenue officer

Audrey Lennon

Operations manager

Isa Yusuf

Finance & accounting lead

Sonia Pearson

Assistant Project Manager

Miko Riva

Project lead

Edward Revill-Johnson

Project lead

Susan Flynn

Accounts receivable

the values at our core.



This crew loves what we do. It helps us push harder, and we love working with brands and communities that feel the same way.


Blame it on our Midwestern roots, but we believe in the power of integrity. We'll always give it to you straight, and never keep you in the dark.


Stop innovating in the gaming realm and you'll become irrelevant. We'd rather be irreplaceable by adapting to every challenge that comes our way.


Building games is a team sport. So is building fanbases. Collaboration isn't just smart, it makes the process more fun and enjoyable for everyone.