Legends of Lost Ark

In 2022, we worked with Amazon and Twitch to organize a global campaign to get gamers hyped for Amazon’s latest action RPG, Lost Ark. Months of close collaboration resulted in a record-shattering launch that (at the time) was the second best in Twitch history with 3.5 billion minutes viewed
Amazon Games
12 Weeks


Following the success of the New World launch campaign, Amazon wanted to go even bigger to get gamers excited for the global launch of Lost Ark. Our team was tasked with supercharging the hype by leading, designing, and executing a truly epic competitive launch event unlike anything gamers had ever seen. We were tasked with spearheading global strategy for the event, taking the lead with social media and performance marketing, and managing and coordinating a team of global agencies for international impact to make sure the launch was a smash hit worldwide. 


This event stands as an example of the amazing things that can happen with the right amount of time, support, and client collaboration. With plenty of lead time before launch, the team got to work analyzing the game experience. We collaborated with the clients and leveraged our own experiences with the game to build Legends of Lost Ark. This competitive, international Twitch Drop event played to Lost Ark’s strengths and featured a series of challenges and rewards that kept gamers dialed in. 

We identified a mix of challenges that ranged from realistic and achievable to aspirational to keep our audience engaged and maximize Amazon’s ROI. We also generated limited-time drops of in-game packs and rewards, and additional item giveaways for creators to distribute to their fans, including exclusive 30-day perks and bonuses. Next, we leveraged our awareness of creator social dynamics to identify the perfect creators to play with and against each other in the event. Preferences, personalities, and fans were all taken into consideration to make the launch as fun and engaging as possible. Not only did we spearhead the strategy of Legends of Lost Ark, we also played a major role executing the campaign on a global scale. We took the lead on running logistics and project management for the project, collaborating directly with multiple verticals and departments on the client side, and managing and coordinating a whole team of global agencies and subcontractors to make sure the launch went perfectly.

It did.

After months of hard work and close collaboration, Legends of Lost Ark absolutely dominated Twitch. Gamers flocked to the launch, breaking records and making the event the second most successful campaign in Twitch history with 3.5 billion minutes viewed. As the biggest, most impactful event we’ve ever run, Legends of Lost Ark was a testament to how lead-time and collaboration can result in a ridiculously high return on investment. 

Metrics that Matter

  • 3.5 Billion Minutes Watched
  • 1.3 Million Peak Concurrent Viewers on Twitch
  • 9,946 Hours Streamed on Twitch
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