Return to Aeternum

Still considered to be the gold standard of Twitch win-back campaigns, this collaboration with Amazon Games resulted in billions of minutes watched and a nearly 900% return on investment.
Amazon Games
16 Weeks


The challenge of the Return to Aeturnum campaign was bringing fans back to a universe they’d almost forgotten to revel in the latest expansion of New World from Amazon Games.


The Return to Aeturnum campaign is one of our favorite examples of the magic that can happen when you have the time and the studio buy-in to execute campaigns to perfection. 

We spent months consulting and collaborating with the Amazon Games team on everything from development and system design to marketing. We helped them target some very high profile creators in the MMO space, and created an exclusive sandbox for those creators to play in.

In doing so, we let some of the best influencers in the game do what they do best – influence. We invited this select group to invite their favorite creators and community members to get in on some friendly, and not-so-friendly competition. Even though the New World title was nothing new to gamers, the campaign was wildly successful in introducing new users to its latest expansion. The result was one of the biggest campaigns to ever happen on Twitch – with more than 680 creators joining and contributing content throughout the event

Metrics that Matter

  • 196,000 Peak Viewership on Twitch
  • 1.9 Billion Minutes Watched on Twitch
  • 96,900 Total Hours Streamed on Twitch
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