To help this new indie title set sail, we needed to get creative with the creators we targeted. Our awareness campaign resulted in millions of minutes watched – and a massive return on investment.
Thunder Lotus
8 Weeks


Once Thunder Lotus and their partners had laid the groundwork for Spiritfarer’s surprise launch, they enlisted our help driving awareness and developing their audience.

We were tasked with finding the perfect creators to partner with – creators who understood the power of storytelling and appreciated the beauty and depth of a game grounded in the emotional themes of death and the afterlife.


Spiritfarer is a game that’s deeply emotional. Rather than targeting the biggest broadcasters, or the most impactful broadcasters, we needed to look for the creators who would appreciate the themes at play and have genuine emotional resonance with the game. We found them.

Rigorous targeting and investigation helped us activate 26 sponsored influencers whose 249 hours of Spiritfarer streaming generated more than 7 million minutes watched. On top of that, our organic campaign distributed 234 game keys that directly drove 109 more influencers to stream hundreds of additional hours that generated millions more minutes watched. 

It was the perfect play to breathe life into a game about death, resulting in a more than 430% return on investment.

Metrics that Matter

  • 26 Influencers Activated
  • +7 Million Minutes Watched
  • 249 Hours Streamed
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