In 2017, we worked with Warframe and Twitch Drops to generate hype around an expansion that literally took the game to new territory. The initiative was so successful that it broke Twitch – twice.
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Plains of Eidolon was the first Warframe expansion to introduce Open Zones and all-new RPG elements to the Warframe universe. Fans and creators were psyched. We just needed a way to invite fans to tune in, spread the word, and keep the excitement going. 


In the weeks following launch, Warframe partnered with Twitch Drops to debut a new feature that let streamers and viewers work together to earn everything from exclusive skins and totems to prime in-game gear. 

Streamers and viewers alike earned random drop rewards for watching any Warframe stream, and guaranteed drops for completing specific tasks and challenges. 

We worked with Warframe on the campaign’s design, implementation, reporting, and sponsorships. These efforts helped make the activation so successful that it crashed Twitch not once, but twice, with billions of minutes watched by the time it wrapped.

Metrics that Matter

  • +1.2 Billion Minutes Watched
  • 66,000+ Streams
  • 80,000+ Broadcasters
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